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How nice.

Nov. 24th, 2006 | 12:45 pm

Claire's moving university? Did not see that one coming to be honest... even if I did know she didn't like her course that much. She should come to Birmingham. I'd make her fat on chocolate and roast dinners. And keep her in a box. With airholes. And maybe take her out for a walk if the weather is okay.

Speaking of dog walking, Rhys' dad and dog are coming up this weekend.
[Claire! I'm just kidding about the dog walking! *love*]
Yeh, so I have to meet his dad. -sigh-
But the dog! Woo! Rhys will take his dad out to the bullring and campus to show him around a little bit. And Mollie gets to stay with me! :D Apparently, you do things like "READY.... STEADDDDDDY...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and the nutty thing goes ... what's the word? "awok" something like that.

Anyway, more news. Rhys and I have been going out for a month. Celebrated that by going to a restaurant. I love him. I got him beer. And FHM.

More exciting news: we have our house sorted for next year. NICEST HOUSE EVER! Okay, so I don't feel studenty living in it, but damn... it's nice. I won't tell you how much it costs per week, 'cos there'll only be a string of OH EM GEES and I PAY LESS THAN THAT, YOU'RE BEING BUTCHERED. Don't care. Double bed. Nice house.

I will say this: the downstairs bedroom is roughly the size of two of my kitchens. IF you remember how big my kitchen was. The rest of the bedrooms weren't as big as that, but... I really don't want a room that big anyway! I like cosy rooms, big enough to put your stuff in, small enough to be happy in.

What else is new? Ah yes, the nomination forms for elections have to be in for today. I'm just about to write my manifesto. I'm running for Vice-President of Jarratt Hall, which means I get to: "Have overall responsibility for facilities and entertainments in my hall. Organise and plan events, ensuring variety."
I also get a t-shirt that says 'Vice President Suzanne" on it. I might get you guys to call me Mrs Vice President, should I get it. I don't know who else is running for it, but I hope I win!

The End. Manifesto!

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She says she has no time...

Nov. 12th, 2006 | 12:02 am
music: Keane- [some song]

Rhys William Thatcher Jones: is a dream.



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Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 10:54 am


So how would one go abouts getting on facebook?

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Oct. 7th, 2006 | 08:42 am

I've got 5 lectures a week. Five. Pathetic. I asked for more, but apparently I can't due to me having all my credits already. Fuck them? I'll get a job then.

I've taken up fencing and lacrosse. Woo, go me. And the equisoc (horse riding!!!). That should keep me occupied.

Anyway... Matthew Fox *love* wants us to read the Iliad for our "Greece and Rome" lecture in two weeks. Yay. I love this guy, he was so gay, and his name is Matthew Fox! Woo hoo! Plus he finished our lecture 20 minutes early yesterday.

I just gotta wait for the archaelogy lecture on Tuesday now. Then I'd have had them all! I like my time table. I've decided I can go home Friday afternoon, and arrive back in Birmingham Tuesday afternoon.

OOH, and me and Rhys got a fantastic deal at the sweet shop yesterday. The guy working there was like... yeh, this till has no way of counting transactions, so I'll just sell you this box for a fiver, rather than £30, and let you try any sweet in this shop. It was funny at the time......

I've decided my room is too big.

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Oct. 5th, 2006 | 09:33 am
location: Bedroom 3, Flat 80
mood: awake
music: Akon- Lonely

University is great. :)

Although- we went to the forbidden fruit the other night, as part of Rhi's birthday/freshers night thing. So we decided to go in fancy dress. I was an emo, and an effin good one too.

ANYWAY cutting a long story short- Alex decided to dress up as Rhi, so we gave him a bra and knickers etc and curled his hair, he looks GREAT, and he got such a lot of attention in the club, everyone found it really funny.

THEN he went to the toilet, and some guys totally freaked out. Next thing we know, Alex is being jumped on by about four bouncers and the manager. So me and Rhys jumped up, and tried to defend Alex. We demanded to see ID, and I got a bit mouthy at the manager.  I think Rhys was holding me back though. Anyway, after seeing ID, Alex agreed to have a word, but only in a place that was public- none of that going out into the Alley crap. It turns out those guys complained, and said Alex had been causing trouble. The manager believed Alex in the end though, but we took his stuff off, and gave him a new... more masculine shirt.

Totally ruined the night. So Rhys, Alex and I went to the chinese and got some takeaway and went back to Jarratt. Oh and the same guy in the toilet came into the chinese afterwards. But if he saw Alex he didn't cause any trouble.

Hmph. Hated that place. AND they sold WKDs in effin plastic bottles. Disgusting.  

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Sep. 22nd, 2006 | 04:35 pm



I'm pulling my hair out! I didn't realise there was so much to bring to university.

Kill me. If you were real friends, you'd kill me.


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Michael Sheen

Sep. 20th, 2006 | 10:19 pm

So I was watching this new "Rome's Emporers" on BBC1, it starting with Nero. The guy who played Nero, constantly annoyed me with his bad acting, and ugliness, and general irritating habits.

The credits roll, and the name of the guy comes up: Michael Sheen.

Michael Sheen... Michael Sheen... I KNEW I recognised that name from -somewhere- and then it hit me. He was the guy I snubbed at the Orlando Bloom... Kingdom of Heaven premiere thing. I gave his autograph to Josie 'cos I didn't like him?

So it's fantastic really. I'm v.proud of myself- I've finally insulted somebody famous.

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After much deliberating...

Sep. 18th, 2006 | 04:21 pm

I've decided I feel sick. Sick sick sick. I've even purposely developed a chesty cough just to make it more official. I'm SCARED of going to university! Why am I going? What madness is this? Why in hells name would I want to leave my comfy slack lifestyle?

I started packing. Got all my study stuff... pens, folders, papers etc.
Started on my clothes... glared at the mess in my room for a while, and decided to do my musical stuff instead.
Kitchenware mostly likely to be done Friday/Saturday.

Blah at that.
Also I am deeply insulted by the Subways that has sprung up in Sutton High Street over the past week. I kept meaning to tell Carmen about it, but the thought of Subways in Sutton is so depressing, that I deliberately forgot about it. Dad keeps teasing me, because he thinks everytime I walk past it, I scowl at it...

It's situated outside Morrisons for those who wanted to know.

It's Tuesday. 5 days to go.

quick addition: why does it say "Update Captain's Log" for the 'post entry' button?

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Miss Watkins Memorial

Sep. 15th, 2006 | 11:38 pm
mood: distressed distressed

Well Sabeena, JoP and I went along to the Watkins memorial last night, so I suppose I should say a few words... or thoughts on that:

1. A lot of people who I would never have thought of turned up, but in some cases, people like Louise Hudson were treating it like a meet up.

2. The readings were from most people entirely accurage and the right words to say... I think the readers really did do it right- the english department spot on as usual. They also read out some of Miss Watkins poems and things, which were hilarious, I forgot how good that woman wrote!

And there's nothing else good to say about it really. Rest In Peace Miss Watkins.

Now for the Gretorex and Chamber Choir bitch:

1. The chamber choir are the most up themselves people I've ever met, why are they obsessed with themselves? Blatently none of them wanted to be there...

2. Gretorex. Jesus Christ. That woman... spoke with such insincerity, it was quite frankly, rude. Not only that, she kept making subtle remarks on Miss Watkins weight... her "gargantuan quality", "please help yourself to food in the canteen, I know Angela was a great lover of food..."

Three words to Miss Gretty: GO TO HELL.

Now for other last night things:

1. The new buildings are just... whoa. It honestly feels like a whole different school. The new food tech room... well. Nothing else to say really. Just wow.

2. The entrance hall xD They spent 30 grand on it, and it's shite. John... the site manager took me around it, pointing out every single mistake... wood joins that didn't meet, different coloured woods, carpet not cut properly, light that was in the way of the door opening etc etc. He grumbled about it, but apparently the school has refused to pay the 30 grand. Good for them. The whole thing was unnecessary, but Roochi- you'll be pleased to know that the engineering logo is plastered everywhere?

That's all I can think of to say I guess. Going to uni in a week and one day. I feel like being sick...

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Steve Irwin

Sep. 7th, 2006 | 06:00 pm

An update on Steve Irwin thing. Well they've decided not to have a state funeral, which upsets me. 
They also have a video that captured the whole thing, including him ripping it out of his chest. Rumour has it the tape is to be destroyed, but I also heard it's already been leaked. 
Bah. I'm slowly coming to terms with him being dead though...

Okay, another update: I got a job offer *grin* A bit pointless since I can't take it, but HIGHLY amusing :P Basically Millies Cookies rang, offered me the job, found out I was going to uni, asked if the uni was local (at this point I genuinely believed he wanted me to work there) and said sorry for wasting my time when it became clear I couldn't take it. 

Haha! I applied at Millies Cookies AGGGGGGES ago! Was it before or after Accessorize? I can't believe how close I was to getting that job :P It would have been great to work there :P Pure fun!

Ah well, life goes on. I'll be getting a job at Starbucks in Berrrrrminghem anyhow. Ipso Facto- cos I WILL get a job at Starbucks :P

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