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Miss Watkins Memorial

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Sep. 15th, 2006 | 11:38 pm
mood: distressed distressed

Well Sabeena, JoP and I went along to the Watkins memorial last night, so I suppose I should say a few words... or thoughts on that:

1. A lot of people who I would never have thought of turned up, but in some cases, people like Louise Hudson were treating it like a meet up.

2. The readings were from most people entirely accurage and the right words to say... I think the readers really did do it right- the english department spot on as usual. They also read out some of Miss Watkins poems and things, which were hilarious, I forgot how good that woman wrote!

And there's nothing else good to say about it really. Rest In Peace Miss Watkins.

Now for the Gretorex and Chamber Choir bitch:

1. The chamber choir are the most up themselves people I've ever met, why are they obsessed with themselves? Blatently none of them wanted to be there...

2. Gretorex. Jesus Christ. That woman... spoke with such insincerity, it was quite frankly, rude. Not only that, she kept making subtle remarks on Miss Watkins weight... her "gargantuan quality", "please help yourself to food in the canteen, I know Angela was a great lover of food..."

Three words to Miss Gretty: GO TO HELL.

Now for other last night things:

1. The new buildings are just... whoa. It honestly feels like a whole different school. The new food tech room... well. Nothing else to say really. Just wow.

2. The entrance hall xD They spent 30 grand on it, and it's shite. John... the site manager took me around it, pointing out every single mistake... wood joins that didn't meet, different coloured woods, carpet not cut properly, light that was in the way of the door opening etc etc. He grumbled about it, but apparently the school has refused to pay the 30 grand. Good for them. The whole thing was unnecessary, but Roochi- you'll be pleased to know that the engineering logo is plastered everywhere?

That's all I can think of to say I guess. Going to uni in a week and one day. I feel like being sick...

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Comments {2}

From: ethylmethanoate
Date: Sep. 16th, 2006 12:03 am (UTC)

Greatorex is a weak fool and I'd like to put her in a box and leave it on top of those new lockers. It'd keep sliding down and hitting the floor, so I'd just have to keep putting it up there...

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From: river_gucci
Date: Sep. 16th, 2006 07:31 pm (UTC)

Hmm.. I'm quite loathing the whole engineering this of our school. They kidn of impose it one people, especially if you're thinking of going into it. But they have spent a lot of money in the whole engineering school status stuff so i guess they're going to plaster it everywhere!

I heard gretorex was very insesitive. Those remarks.. were terrible! For christs sake. Maybe she thought she was being nice. Who knows!

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