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After much deliberating...

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Sep. 18th, 2006 | 04:21 pm

I've decided I feel sick. Sick sick sick. I've even purposely developed a chesty cough just to make it more official. I'm SCARED of going to university! Why am I going? What madness is this? Why in hells name would I want to leave my comfy slack lifestyle?

I started packing. Got all my study stuff... pens, folders, papers etc.
Started on my clothes... glared at the mess in my room for a while, and decided to do my musical stuff instead.
Kitchenware mostly likely to be done Friday/Saturday.

Blah at that.
Also I am deeply insulted by the Subways that has sprung up in Sutton High Street over the past week. I kept meaning to tell Carmen about it, but the thought of Subways in Sutton is so depressing, that I deliberately forgot about it. Dad keeps teasing me, because he thinks everytime I walk past it, I scowl at it...

It's situated outside Morrisons for those who wanted to know.

It's Tuesday. 5 days to go.

quick addition: why does it say "Update Captain's Log" for the 'post entry' button?

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From: ice_gem
Date: Sep. 20th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)

uni will not mean leaving behind the comfy slack lifestyle, it'll mean increasing it!
it'll be beautiful and you'll have a great time. I'll try come visit or something!

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