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Oct. 5th, 2006 | 09:33 am
location: Bedroom 3, Flat 80
mood: awake
music: Akon- Lonely

University is great. :)

Although- we went to the forbidden fruit the other night, as part of Rhi's birthday/freshers night thing. So we decided to go in fancy dress. I was an emo, and an effin good one too.

ANYWAY cutting a long story short- Alex decided to dress up as Rhi, so we gave him a bra and knickers etc and curled his hair, he looks GREAT, and he got such a lot of attention in the club, everyone found it really funny.

THEN he went to the toilet, and some guys totally freaked out. Next thing we know, Alex is being jumped on by about four bouncers and the manager. So me and Rhys jumped up, and tried to defend Alex. We demanded to see ID, and I got a bit mouthy at the manager.  I think Rhys was holding me back though. Anyway, after seeing ID, Alex agreed to have a word, but only in a place that was public- none of that going out into the Alley crap. It turns out those guys complained, and said Alex had been causing trouble. The manager believed Alex in the end though, but we took his stuff off, and gave him a new... more masculine shirt.

Totally ruined the night. So Rhys, Alex and I went to the chinese and got some takeaway and went back to Jarratt. Oh and the same guy in the toilet came into the chinese afterwards. But if he saw Alex he didn't cause any trouble.

Hmph. Hated that place. AND they sold WKDs in effin plastic bottles. Disgusting.  

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