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Oct. 7th, 2006 | 08:42 am

I've got 5 lectures a week. Five. Pathetic. I asked for more, but apparently I can't due to me having all my credits already. Fuck them? I'll get a job then.

I've taken up fencing and lacrosse. Woo, go me. And the equisoc (horse riding!!!). That should keep me occupied.

Anyway... Matthew Fox *love* wants us to read the Iliad for our "Greece and Rome" lecture in two weeks. Yay. I love this guy, he was so gay, and his name is Matthew Fox! Woo hoo! Plus he finished our lecture 20 minutes early yesterday.

I just gotta wait for the archaelogy lecture on Tuesday now. Then I'd have had them all! I like my time table. I've decided I can go home Friday afternoon, and arrive back in Birmingham Tuesday afternoon.

OOH, and me and Rhys got a fantastic deal at the sweet shop yesterday. The guy working there was like... yeh, this till has no way of counting transactions, so I'll just sell you this box for a fiver, rather than £30, and let you try any sweet in this shop. It was funny at the time......

I've decided my room is too big.

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