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How nice.

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Nov. 24th, 2006 | 12:45 pm

Claire's moving university? Did not see that one coming to be honest... even if I did know she didn't like her course that much. She should come to Birmingham. I'd make her fat on chocolate and roast dinners. And keep her in a box. With airholes. And maybe take her out for a walk if the weather is okay.

Speaking of dog walking, Rhys' dad and dog are coming up this weekend.
[Claire! I'm just kidding about the dog walking! *love*]
Yeh, so I have to meet his dad. -sigh-
But the dog! Woo! Rhys will take his dad out to the bullring and campus to show him around a little bit. And Mollie gets to stay with me! :D Apparently, you do things like "READY.... STEADDDDDDY...... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and the nutty thing goes ... what's the word? "awok" something like that.

Anyway, more news. Rhys and I have been going out for a month. Celebrated that by going to a restaurant. I love him. I got him beer. And FHM.

More exciting news: we have our house sorted for next year. NICEST HOUSE EVER! Okay, so I don't feel studenty living in it, but damn... it's nice. I won't tell you how much it costs per week, 'cos there'll only be a string of OH EM GEES and I PAY LESS THAN THAT, YOU'RE BEING BUTCHERED. Don't care. Double bed. Nice house.

I will say this: the downstairs bedroom is roughly the size of two of my kitchens. IF you remember how big my kitchen was. The rest of the bedrooms weren't as big as that, but... I really don't want a room that big anyway! I like cosy rooms, big enough to put your stuff in, small enough to be happy in.

What else is new? Ah yes, the nomination forms for elections have to be in for today. I'm just about to write my manifesto. I'm running for Vice-President of Jarratt Hall, which means I get to: "Have overall responsibility for facilities and entertainments in my hall. Organise and plan events, ensuring variety."
I also get a t-shirt that says 'Vice President Suzanne" on it. I might get you guys to call me Mrs Vice President, should I get it. I don't know who else is running for it, but I hope I win!

The End. Manifesto!

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From: ladysunflower
Date: Nov. 24th, 2006 05:48 pm (UTC)

Oh ho ho, shall I refer to you as Ms. Vice President, now?

Goes well with my Mrs. President, I think. I pwn j00?

Glad to see you are loving college life. I hope you never have to go to it as long as I have/will.

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From: kachookee
Date: Nov. 24th, 2006 07:05 pm (UTC)

My God it's been a month since i last saw you?!?! wtff...i swear it was like the other day.. no wait that was the cinema... scrap that...

the 12 person house?

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